Hand Drum Lessons & Notation for Djembes, Dununs & Bells

Beginners’ Djembe Lessons on YouTube

Viewer comment: I recently bought a djembe in the hopes to self teach and have found it hard to get good beginner videos on youtube and also videos that give me good rhythms that I can play alongside other instruments….Your videos are the best videos I have found on youtube yet to help me, absolutely brilliant!…thank you!

Free video lessons and tips for beginners (on YouTube):

Basic Djembe Technique and Vocabulary (3:27)

How to Wear a Djembe Strap (2:39)

How to Tighten and Tune a Djembe (5:02)

Viewer comment: Excellent! I went form having no clue, to having a tightened and tuned djembe in minutes! Thank-you!

Universal Break for 4/4 rhythms (5:11)

Basic 4/4 Djembe Accompaniment: Kuku (3:19)

Basic 4/4 Djembe Accompaniment: Passport (4:04)

Basic 4/4 Djembe Accompaniment: Sunu, Kassa (4:08)

Djembe Solo Technique: basic 4/4 rolls (4:53)

Standard Breaks for 6/8 rhythms (3:12)

Basic 6/8 Djembe Accompaniments (3:36)

Slow 6/8 rhythm: Yankadi – 2 djembe parts (3:36)

Djembe Solo Technique: basic 6/8 rolls (2:59)

How to Play Dununs: Basic Technique & Patterns (10:19)

Kenkeni Part for Dununba Rhythms (6:14)

       Djembe Primer: Beginner Drum Lessons (21:35)