Hand Drum Lessons & Notation for Djembes, Dununs & Bells

Recordings and Original Compositions

Original compositions of African drum ensemble rhythms, featured in Roots Jam 3.
These are recorded digitally using Percussion Studio software, based on live drum samples.

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Tracks 5-7: Black Moon Bay, Ghetta Life, Little Beach Rain

Goa Gone (with E. Neptune) – sound track for Haleakala Hike

Track #4: Nimba (right-click to download mp3) courtesy of GreenEarthForever

recording by E. Neptune; live instruments composed/played by E. Neptune, Axel, and Nowick

Strange Moon improvisation band: Nowick, Eugene, Axel, Bernie

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strange moon improv fusion

E. Neptune Nowick in recording studio


Axel in recording studio

Strange Moon jam drums and percussion

axel mp3 selections from Strange
Moon jam, 11/08

Nowick Gray online discography