Hand Drum Lessons & Notation for Djembes, Dununs & Bells

Nowick Gray Discography

YouTube: Free djembe lessons

Drum Compositions (digital, via Percussion Studio): Playlist

Flute and Pennywhistle:

In the Quiet Forest – live video with Strange Moon

Bamboo Grove and Green Fire CDs (featuring Strange Moon)

– Church of Maui (cave flute; video)

Slide Shows with Flute:

Mystic Beach – flute // slide show
Thetis Lake – flute // slide show
West Maui
Nepali Pass – with Strange Moon
Maui Redwoods
Wailea (Maui) – with Strange Moon
Makena (Maui)
North / Winter – with E. Neptune, Bulldog Meditation project)

Slide Show with Djembe:

Maui Supermoon

Fusion Improvisations (electronic/live):

Nimba (with E. Neptune) – soundtrack for video, Let’s Talk Rot – Constructing A Compost Bin for 50 cents 

Goa Gone (with E. Neptune): sound track for slide show, Haleakala Hike

North / Winter (with E. Neptune, Bulldog Meditation project) … “Haunting,spectacular, powerful mix of image and sound”

Performance photo gallery

Jam Band: Aquarius Victoria

Reverbnation Profile


Group Performance (video):

Masala percussion band:

Masala at Afrobeats in the Square – Kassa 1
Masala at Afrobeats in the Square – Kassa 2
Puppets for Peace parade (2014)
 – Garden City Grooves (2014)  
– Canada Day (2013)

Rehearsal (2011)
Victoria Market Fest (2010)
Beats in the Bush(2009)(2012)(2013)
– EarthDance 2008 (plus Moondance)20092011(1)(2)
Solstice Ball (2007)

Drum in the Sun camp

with Michael Pluznick and Tim Dabrowski in Thailand) Sunday jam nite at the One Love Bar:

Didadi, Kitasoli, Diansa

Samba Maui:

Carnaval at Casanova’s


   – Dance demo at Yoga Shala 2012: Dai and Sofa
 – Dibon – 2011 Maui Mall performance
 – Sira – 2011 Maui Mall performance

Music Videos (by E. Neptune, with Strange Moon):

Be My Friend?, from The Owls of Jupiter
The Fish Story, from Pandora’s Cabaret
12th Aspergillus Booga Booga Boogy
Beautiful As You Are
Boarding Lounge
Bubbles Rising
Digging a Little Deeper / Burn It
Gratitude Tantra
In the Quiet Forest
Karma Train

Connect to Strange Moon improvisation band online:

website: https://strangemoon.yolasite.com/


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