Hand Drum Lessons & Notation for Djembes, Dununs & Bells

Links to West African Drum and Dance Resources

Links to West African Drum and Dance Resources

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Konkoni.org: The Roots Djembe Learning Resource
Superb brief articles with tips, and great rootsy videos, praising old-style djembe music.

African Musical Traditions – An overview of the different tradtions of music in Africa: North, West, South and East.

Alternative Culture Magazine Rhythm Section – online djembe lessons and hand drum culture, with more links

Dancing Moon Multicultural Arts – African dance, Afro-belly, hip-hop classes in Victoria

Djembe and Mande Music – top quality list of resources, references and reviews re. West African drumming

Djembe Lessons – dedicated to helping beginners and pros find quality lessons, both free and for purchase, as well as offer great deals on djembes and djembe accessories.

Drum Sets and Congas – A huge selection of Percussion instruments like Congas, Drum sets, Bongos, Djembes and other instruments and Percussion accessories.

Famoudou Konate – the best in the business, teaching and playing; workshops include dununs, dance and song

Flutes Jam – Flutes and hand drums go great in jams together.  Learn to improvise with the help of these handy scale charts, with inspiring audio samples.

Hand Drums and Percussion – Tammy’s site with African djembes and hand percussion instruments

Independent Record Labels – Music nomad is a comprehensive network for musicians and music business professionals. Here all musicians can receive support and access to thousands of resources to help them navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities available to them within the music industry.

Kikeyambay – Dynamic drum-dance ensemble and electric afropop set featuring djembefola and singer Alseny “Michel” Diallo. From Victoria, BC.

Mamady Keita – impeccable technique and chops, also a great teacher of djembe drumming

Meeting the Invisible Man: Secrets & Magic in West Africa – book by Toby Green (review)

MichaelPluznick.com – Percussion, World Music and Multimedia

Moondance Dynamic Arts School – African dance classes in Victoria, Sooke, and Shawnigan Lake, BC

The Rhythm Reference Project – Percussion, World Music and Multimedia
Strange Moon
Strange Moon improv – purely improvisational music by Nowick and friends – rhythms aplenty, plus electric and electronic elements

Taal Fiza Productions – world music recording, performance, studio in Victoria, BC

Tribal Roots Drum Jams – Rainbow gatherings, fire dance circles, and more

Check out X8 Hand Drums!