Hand Drum Lessons & Notation for Djembes, Dununs & Bells

Rhythm Notation and Audio Samples

Roots Jam 3: Arrangements for West African Drum & Dance

Introduction to djembe rhythms notation
Kuku solos (sample of grid or box notation)
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Full notation guide for West African drums (djembe and dununs)
Sample drumming lessons from Roots Jam 3 – Downbeats and Upbeats
Lesson and sample notation: Handing and timing for two basic 4/4 djembe rhythms
Bell and Clave Patterns Summary (sample)

Free sample mp3 audio files:
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Traditional Arrangements: Kuku | Soli

Original Compositions: Black Rock Dive | Elephant Garden | Trouble

overview of Roots Jam 3more sample pages and audio

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