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Collected West African Drum Rhythms

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Roots Super Jam: Collected West African & Diaspora Drum Rhythms
(Roots Jam vols. 1, 2, 3)
Roots Jam 1:
Collected Rhythms for Hand Drum & Percussion
(1996; 80 p.)
Roots Jam 2:
West African and Afro-Latin Drum Rhythms
(2002; 85 p.)
Roots Jam 3:
Arrangements for West African Drum & Dance
(2007; 64 p.)
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  • New! You can now access all three volumes of Roots Jam in one book!
  • Save $ as you get all three Roots Jam books for less than the price of any two.
  • Order audio sets a la carte from this menu, to play along with selected rhythms.

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Roots Super Jam

All three Roots Jam books under one cover, only $29.99 (plus shipping):

  • hundreds of rhythms from the African, Latin, and rock traditions, plus original improvisations
  • notation for four primary types of rhythmic feel
  • duets, breaks, exercises, popular styles
  • tips on drum groups, jams, all-night drumming, trance dance
  • over 125 traditional African, Afro-Latin, and Middle Eastern rhythms
  • comprehensive collection of parts to choose from
  • simple box notation based on Olatunji “gun-go-pa” method
  • practice exercises and generic patterns for djembe, dunun, bell/clave
  • guidance on pulse and polyrhythm, tradition and improvisation, time signatures and handing, intentions and excellence, new directions
  • selected arrangements for 16 dance rhythms
  • notation for 27 original compositions
  • all new workshop lessons & features
  • lead djembe solo tips & exercises
  • 2 CD-length audio bundles (16 traditional arrangements + 27 original compositions). Please note, physical CDs discontinued, but you can download the full sets of mp3s (burn to your own CDs if you prefer).
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Roots Jam 1
Roots Jam 2
Roots Jam 3
print version
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Roots Jam 1:
$17.95 plus shipping*

Roots Jam 2:
$17.95 plus shipping*

Roots Jam 3:
$17.95 plus shipping*

ebook version $8.95

$10.95 – incl. short demo mp3s + free bonus chapter


mp3 download n/a [incl. with book] both RJ3 sets (traditional & original rhythms) for $10.95

the whole enchilada

(Combo discount –
Save $6)

All three Roots Jam e-books and full set of audio mp3 files (RJ 2 & 3): $34.95

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