Hand Drum Lessons & Notation for Djembes, Dununs & Bells

Roots Jam 2 Table of Contents

Roots Jam 2 coverRoots Jam 2: West African and Afro-Latin Drum Rhythms

1. Rhythm Culture: Where We Begin

2. Rhythm Notation

Why Notation?

The Rhythm Notation: A Basic Guide

Instrument terms
Basic notation for djembe
Additional notes, for other drums and percussion
Notation Format
Time Signatures

Further Considerations

More about Time Signatures
Afro-Latin Hand Drum Techniques

Polyrhythmic Percussion: What’s Going On?

3. Rhythm Collection

Tradition and Improvisation

Arrangement List

Collected Rhythms

4/4 – African
4/4 – Afro-Latin
4/4 – Middle Eastern
12/8 – African
12/8 – Afro-Latin
3/4 and 12/8 – Middle Eastern

4. Rhythm Workshop

In Search of the “Mother Rhythm”

Basic Practice Patterns

Standard Djembe Patterns

Percussion: Bells and Claves

Junjun Exercises


Pointers to Remember When Drumming

5. Rhythm Culture: Where We Go

Tension, Intention, and Attention

Quest for Excellence

New Directions

6. Resources


Audio CD’s


Selected Websites

Rhythm References Online

Rhythm Index


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